Cameras installed at Dovercourt’s public swimming pool have caused uproar with residents.

Swimmers are concerned about their privacy and their children swimming in a pool where they are being filmed both underwater and on the surface.

The reasoning behind Tendring Council’s decision to install the cameras is for safety.

It is obviously a concern that part of the pool has such bad glare from the sun that the lifeguards can’t effectively monitor the swimmers in that area.

It’s positive the council has taken action, firstly to close the lane when necessary, and now to introduce safety measures.

But are cameras the best solution?

It’s understandable that swimmers feel uncomfortable being watched underwater by cameras, regardless of the strict controls the council has on who can see the footage.

Being filmed when you are scantily clad is not something many people would like the idea of.

There are also concerns about the cost and whether cameras were the best idea for the money.

The £50k price tag does seem high and there are questions on what other methods could have been used instead.

Installing the cameras without consulting swimmers first may not have been the best option.

Though elsewhere in the country it seems cameras in swimming pools are becoming more popular as a safety measure.