I DO not profess to know much about politics but I did see that in the recent local elections overall both Labour and Conservative suffered substantial losses in their number of seats.

What does puzzle me is that the day after the elections, on the major news programmes, spokespersons for both parties did not seem to know why this happened.

Do they not realise that perhaps we, the public, are fed up with all in fighting over Brexit and their failure to sort it out.

Have they forgotten that they are voted in by us and paid by us but the millions of us have to suffer their infighting and their need to follow personal battles and not speak for us.

However all is not lost, I have a solution. Arrange for me to meet the leaders of the political parties so I can bang their heads together or take more drastic action and send them all to their beds with no supper and no bedtime story.

After all, isn’t that the way we deal with silly naughty children?

Terry Gardiner

Arderne Close, Dovercourt