FORTNIGHTLY rubbish collections is a controversial new scheme that is just days away from beginning in Tendring.

Wheelie bins, which have led to further concerns about space and the look of the district, are coming along at the same time.

But despite the roll-out of the service happening on Monday, June 10, residents still have questions.

Jon Hamlet, street scene manager for Tendring Council, said the change may take getting used to.

He added: “We realise that putting your rubbish out is something that hasn’t been changed in Tendring for many years, and developing a new habit – whether that’s a different collection day or using a wheelie bin – can take some time.

“That is why we’re putting as much information out there as we can now, so people can start preparing for the change.”

Homes without a front garden or side access, such as flats, will remain on a weekly black sack collection.

Recycling, food and garden waste collections are unaffected, though people’s collection days may change.

The roll-out will begin on June 10 and will take around ten weeks to complete. Details of residents’ waste collection arrangements will be included with their new bins, if they have them, or otherwise delivered to homes.

For more information visit new-waste-service.

What size are the bins and what if they’re not big enough for our household, can I buy an extra bin?

The bins are 180-litre, a standard size – some councils use bigger, some use smaller, this is the most common. We expect a household of up to six people will find them big enough if they recycle all they can. However, if you have a larger household, or additional waste due to medical needs, you can apply for authorised side waste, which may include an extra bin.

What if I don’t have space for a bin?

All properties in the district have been assessed for suitability, you can check online if you are due to have a bin. If you think you have been wrongly assessed or missed, then email or call 01255 686788 with your details to have this checked.

Do I have to have a wheelie bin?

Except for a select few circumstances such as an unsuitable property, yes – if your household is deemed suitable, we will not collect black bag waste.

Will my bin be collected if the lid is open?

The lid must be able to close on top of the waste for it to be safely collected.

Can I put my house name/number on my bin?


Will my collection day change?

For the majority of residents, yes. Check online, or details will be included with your new bin or recycling calendar.

Why don’t you collect more plastics?

We only collect high-grade plastics – broadly speaking, plastic bottles – as these can be efficiently recycled and turned into other products within the UK. Lower grades cannot, and the cost of collecting all plastics and then sorting them plus increased costs for recycling these is prohibitive.

How much is this costing?

The overall cost of the recycling contract is around £4.36million per year, or £30m over the seven-year contract. Implementing the new service will cost as a one-off around £1.66m, funded from our New Homes Bonus.

What is the reason for the change?

The changes allow the cost of the contract to be kept at a sustainable level – it is not about cutting costs.

The current service costs an average Band D home £60.05 from their council tax each year. The new service will cost £60.55, while carrying on the same service would have cost £69.60 (or £374k a year or £2.62m over the contract to the council). To pay for this either council tax would need to rise and/or cutbacks made to other budgets. A further demonstration this is not about savings is Essex County Council had offered a grant to pay for new 120-litre bins, but Tendring Council turned this down as it felt they would be too small for homes. It is hoped additionally recycling rates will increase by an estimated 8 per cent.

How much will it cost to continue to do black bag collections – and how often will they be collected?

Black sacks will be collected weekly. There is no cost, they are part of regular rounds.

How many households will have a bin?

57,421 – 7,500 will remain on a black sack (12 per cent).

What sort of things are recycled?

Food waste in your food caddy; paper, magazines and cardboard in the red box; plastic bottles, tins, cans and aerosols in the green box; garden waste in green sacks or paid-for brown bin.

How do people get new or extra recycling boxes?

There are a number of access points around the district where residents can pick up recycling boxes and food caddies, a full list is available on our website.

Do you get much in the recycling boxes that shouldn’t be there?

No, not really. If boxes are contaminated then the operatives will not empty the box, with the responsibility to present the correct materials left with the householder.