CRUISE ship passengers descended on the streets of Harwich to explore the town last week.

It was all hands on deck for the Harwich Society volunteers as cruise ship passengers flocked to visit the town for three days when their cruises were in port.

The volunteers came together to ensure visitors left with fond memories of the town and the society’s guides were kept busy shepherding them around the area’s attractions.

Harwich Society chairman Colin Farnell said: “We know on one day alone about 500 cruise ship passengers visited historic Harwich and our team of volunteers did a remarkable job ensuring that they left with wonderful memories of our wonderful town.”

The Harwich Society volunteers gave up their bank holiday to work under the guidance of the society’s cruise ship co-ordinator Trevor Williams, and the team ended the day tired and happy at the praise they received from hundreds of grateful visitors.

Colin added: “The overwhelming reaction was how friendly and welcoming everyone was in Harwich and what a remarkable little town it is.

“The Harwich Society volunteers give a lot of time and effort to ensure that cruise ship visitors have a lovely time in historic Harwich and their reward was a very positive response from all.”