THE figure of £1.2 million for repairs to the A120 sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it?

I’m assuming that part of this money will go into repairing the A120 that was repaired three years ago that needs, er, repairing again.

There is money for new roads, which is what we need in this case.

A new dual carriage way from Ramsey to the (not yet quite finished) roundabout at Hare Green.

After all, Boris Johnson managed to secure £24 million for a little used cable car system over the Thames, and £53 million on garden bridge project.

Then there is £15 billion for cross rail, £5 billion for London’s new sewer and the £18.5 billion for a proposed expansion of Heathrow.

None of the se schemes will improve my journey times around East Anglia.

Peter Knight

Gordon Way