England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are European countries and half the population of these countries like being in Europe.

After centuries of war, which have occurred every few years, European countries are now starting to live together, independent but under a common aim, peace and harmony, things are not perfect but what is.

But then along came modern day privateers such as Long John Mogg, Redbeard Johnson, Ben Gunn Jenkin, Henry Morgan Dyson and others all united under the name of Brexiteers.

All determined to get their hands on anything that gives them power and wealth.

But as with the privateers of old they needed a motley crew to help them with their plan, so with the help of a red bus they fooled people to vote and follow them.

They won the referendum election by default and one very big lie, how many millions of swing voters were finally persuaded to vote leave because of the lying red bus.

If only 637,751 voters had not been persuaded by the lies on the bus and had voted to remain then the result would have been the other way.

So my suggestion to the Brexiteers who do not want to be part of a European partnership initiative is to board the red bus and let Boris drive you to the nearest port and follow Dyson and his vacuum cleaners and leave.

After all you say leave means leave.

However, Remainers are charitable people so if you Brexiteers are so sure the result of the referendum was honest then you should not be running scared as you are of confirming the result by another referendum.

The UK is in meltdown because leave politicians and leave voters have ignored those who wanted things to remain the same.

A deal has been on the table but leavers want to have their cake and eat it.

The only way that may bring the country back together is to let the people decide now the full details of what leaving the EU entails.

So Brexiteers stop quivering behind worn our propaganda and let’s have a true reflection by another vote and let that be an end to it so the country can move on.

Or get on the red bus and join Dyson.

Steve Holmes

Stour Close, Harwich