Perhaps Jim Murray, Letters May 31, can explain what “normal” views are.

I guess it must be someone who walks, talks, and thinks like him.

All my life I have avoided that kind of crippling social trapdoor.

Only non-herders interest me.

Come on Jim, you can do better than that.

Whatever our differences over broken Brexit, at least we are engaged with the debate.

With 40 million voters on the electoral register, and a staggering 30 million, chose not to vote.

This proves Brexit is not the masterly hand it is made out to be, totally overblown in fact.

Combined Remain votes topped the poll, with the headline hugging Brexit party hauling in 3 per cent.

Not the picture many of our biased tabloids portrayed.

The referendum bus of lies, with unravelled wheels is now on the way to court.

The sourced BBC from an armchair in Little Oakley might fail the neutrality from an unsourced internet, but its global reputation of integrity can survive rogue traders of truth.

The BBC is the only broadcaster I believe. The rest reflect degenerate vested interests.

Letter writer EJ Heath provided thoughtful comments on our tired un-democratic system and is right to expose the catastrophe it has produced.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, we are trapped like pawns in the game of a two-party first past the post result, which rigs the vote against smaller parties, denying them proportional representation to the point of ditching the value of a vote.

Just look at the king-maker game going on in the ruinous Tory party, where 100,000 members, not the wide electorate, will decide what suicide Brexit plank the nation will walk.

Given this, it is somewhat staggering that the Lib Dems hold a lead in the opinion polls, leaving Tories and Labour in their wake; these parties are so discredited, no one could miss them.

No doubt Mr Corbyn’s allotment will welcome him back. He should never have left it!

Yes, I voted out, but when I found myself on the Titanic I jumped ship!

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt