MOST bids to build new homes attract a level of opposition.

Often this is people living close by who will be most affected.

But there are some sites that bring whole communities together.

One of those sites is Mistley Place Park.

Set in such a wonderful position overlooking the River Stour and in a conservation area, it is idyllic.

But what makes it a popular place for locals also makes it attractive to house-builders.

And developers increasingly have the planning rules on their sides.

So how can communities protect the best parts of their villages and towns from being developed if just a strength of feeling isn’t enough?

Developers in the past have tried to offer an olive branch in the way of gifting land and this offer could be back on the table if new proposals are put forward for Mistley Place Park.

Have we really reached the stage where the public accept development will take place in beauty spots in exchange for protecting and gaining access to part of such a site?

Or does there need to be some way of giving the public the power of a flat out “no”?