In whom should we place our trust? A question I have been asking myself for many years past. Two things stand out clearly in these uncertain times.

1. The United Kingdom has, for as many years as I care to remember, failed the democracy test at all levels of Government and virtually every department has come under scrutiny for failings. Surely our Electoral Commission can tear itself away from the simplicity of boundary changes, and occasional amendments, to Parliamentary seats.

Off-the-peg systems are not the answer, we need real change that allows the voting public to participate fully in decision-making and curb the powerful lobbies, with financial backing, from distorting the system. Democracy should start in constituencies.

2. The European Union conceived its federal dream in the post-war years of the Second World War, forged by unlikely partners, France and West Germany.

The original plan developed in the aftermath of two disastrous world wars has taken little heed of changing needs for its member states and is more likely to bring about its break-up.

Its failure to keep pace with its member states on information and financial prudence must always be a concern.

Our governing parliamentary structure has failed miserably in achieving a satisfactory result, and at the same time shown its ugly side.

No further Parliamentary elections should take place until the electoral system has been corrected.

E J Heath Manor Road, Dovercourt