RESIDENTS and landlords are being called on to clean up their act and stop flytipping sofas, beds and electrical items in their town centre front gardens.

The front gardens in Cliff Road, Dovercourt are blighted by unwanted household items strewn across the grass and piled near the path.

One landlord of a house share, who asked not to be named, said she was fed up with the state of the road and wanted everyone living in the street to tidy it up.

She said: "This has been going on for a while.

"The whole way along the road is full of rubbish.

"There are three-piece suites and flytipped rubbish.

"The whole of the street is a mess.

"We have rats as well - they are attracted here by all the rubbish.

"It looks like a third world country."

It is believed black bags of household waste are left along the path while broken and unwanted furniture is dumped in the gardens by tenants and those moving out of properties.

Harwich councillor for the area, Dave McLeod, said: "When it impacts on the street scene of a tourist town, or one trying to be, this sort of thing needs sorting.

"They aren't taking any pride in the area.

"Next year we have a big year where we hope people will come to visit from far away and we want our town looking its best.

"But you go down places like Cliff Road and see all the rubbish, it's not nice.

"Every front should at least be tidy for public view in the town.

"Dumped rubbish left in front gardens is a lack of civic pride."