WHEN big plans are announced and then it all goes quiet, residents automatically assume it’s bad news.

And with no news on a potential new town square and revamp for Dovercourt since the beginning of 2017, hopes for such a project had diminished.

But this week it has been announced that those plans will be back on the table for talks next month.

It’s great to hear the project has not fallen by the wayside completely, despite it being left on the shelf for such a long time. And knowing the money is still in the budget should offer some reassurance.

But this doesn’t mean the revamp is a done deal and also doesn’t really answer why the project has suffered such long delays already.

With an important year ahead for Harwich and therefore for the whole of Tendring, it seems projects to improve and enhance the town should have been a top priority for Tendring Council.

Harwich and Dovercourt need and deserve some investment to help it reach at least some of its potential and this project could go a long way towards that.

It’s now in the council’s hands.