I had a chuckle last week for my seventy pence!

Can anyone do anything what so ever to get the applause or general encouragement in our lovely little town?

We have such dedicated officials, who work hard for us.

Yes, we have a few weeds to be dealt with.

So let’s deal with them!

We have such incredible dedication from community groups such as The rapidly emerging ‘Angels’, the long established Harwich Society, Harwich Fellowship for the Sick, people in the arts such as Harwich Sing.

We get together and party so well and so much, like no other community that I know!

We now have the prospect of a town square, which will be a catalyst for change.

A new heart beating.

A local entrepreneur has had the confidence to open ‘Kingsway Plaza’. Galloper Wind Farms pretty much gave us our brand new Community Hub.

We have museums galore.

We have police on the streets who are proactive in many ways, with particular successes in the war on drugs.

We have our own hospital.

We have schools with exceptionally dedicated staff.

I could go on and on.

The Electric Palace is being renovated as will be the Dovercourt Lighthouses.

None of these things, and many many more, are agitating ‘weeds’. These are giants of growth and positivity.

Please, please, let’s be positive.

We are all responsible for the weeds and the giants.

Let’s pull together and have a good old community chuckle at our future as the Gem of the Eastern Seaboard

Tony Francis

High Street, Harwich