There has been a number of letters published recently from Harwich residents who had moved away from the area for a while and then returned.

They all seem to be saying the same thing, that in the time they were away Harwich had deteriorated.

I fully agree with their assessment of what is happening to our town.

Our town is falling apart bit by bit, and our councillors or those who were elected on the town’s behalf, seem devoid of ideas on how to improve things.

It could be that they are told what to do by Essex or Tendring Council and have not got the power or the backbone to challenge their masters.

Or they just prefer to have a jolly up while they are in office.

But whatever the reason, nothing is happening to improve our town.

Unless you count building houses for residents who have no chance of getting a local doctor, or allowing houses to be built on flood plain areas.

Next year, if, and I say if, visitors do come here for the Mayflower celebrations then they will leave with the impression that Harwich is what the Americans call a “one-horse town” and is not worth the train fare to get here.

Surely our councillors and the tourist group will not miss the boat when this chance to kick start our town’s revival presents itself.

On reflection there is more chance of finding the Loch Ness Monster than something worthwhile being done for the town by our representatives.

Steve Holmes

Stour Close, Harwich