ARSONISTS destroyed a caravan a day after vandals ransacked and damaged it near to a horse field.

Sue Eagle, who owns the land off the A120 near Ramsey, said it was just luck the freshly farmed field of hay didn’t get set alight on Sunday along with the caravan used to store horse rugs.

She said: “It was an old caravan that we used to keep the old rugs and stuff in, it was doing the job we wanted it for.

“On Saturday my friend was riding and saw stuff everywhere and two teenagers in there ripping the place apart - they saw her and did a runner.

“Then on Sunday someone called and said someone had set light to the caravan.

“Luckily the horses weren’t in the field at the time.

“Just by the caravan, the farmer who farms our field had cut all the hay.

“We are lucky it didn’t go up as luckily the wind was blowing the other way.”

Sue said she had planned to move the horses before the fire as the field is their summer grazing spot.

She added: “It’s frustrating.

“I won’t know if they think about it at all.

“Why trash stuff and set light to things.

“They have kicked some fencing down too - if the horses were in there and they did that they could get onto the A120.”

A spokesman for the fire service said: “Firefighters were called to a caravan on fire on Sunday at 1.16pm.

“Firefighters managed to quickly extinguish the fire by 1:35pm. The cause of the fire was recorded as deliberate and left in the care of the police.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said the fire is being investigated.