BANDS and BMX bikes are joining together for a festival this Saturday.

Landslide Festival is being held at Harwich Skate Park on Low Road, Dovercourt from 11am.

Young bands will perform at the venue alongside skateboarding, BMX and scooter displays and competitions.

The event, organised by We are Music with funding by Youth Music, will kick off with three bands from Harwich Rock School called Dynamites, Rampage and the Rebellion.

Other bands on the day include Swimsuit Competition, Tundra - who are shortlisted for the Why Not Festival, Blooms and Shooty and the Bang Bang, Horrible Dolphins and South Hours.

Lewis Anderson from Two-Toed Skateboards is also running skate and scooter displays, competitions and starter lessons.

Chris Scott, We Are Music trustee, said: “We wanted to get local young people in the town to have a day they would enjoy but also to be involved in the planning and production.”

Prizes are ready and the young team has organised food and soft drinks for the event alongside some other stalls.

Management, stage support and live sound are also being provided by the young team of volunteers and trainees.

Toby Scott, project leader, said: “We have worked with a group of local young people to make an event for the youth of Harwich.”

The festival runs from 11am to 6pm with activities throughout the day.

It comes after the first Landslide Festival was staged at Brentwood Skatepark In 2016.

Harwich Skatepark was reopened in April 2018 after a massive renovation transforming the site.