VANDALS have damaged several beach huts in an overnight wrecking spree in Dovercourt.

A total of six beach huts were wrecked along Dovercourt seafront by yobs overnight on Wednesday, June 26.

Davey Priestnall, a beach hut owner, said: “Everyone works so hard to look after and maintain their beach hut for us and our families to enjoy the nice sunny days. So what gives kids the right to vandalise them?

“I guess this is this is what happens when the police station is not open 24 hours a day.”

Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Association said on its Facebook page messages had been left on the members’ mobiles.

It said: “We are aware that several huts have been damaged overnight.

“There may be more if you could find time to go and check your hut.”

It added it has contacted the owners of all the huts known to have been tampered with or damaged.

It is now the forth time beach huts along Dovercourt seafront have been targeted this year.

Back in April seven huts were vandalised, and ten huts were damaged overnight on March 30.

In February this year about 15 huts were either damaged or set on fire.

Alex Porter, Tendring councillor responsible for leisure and tourism, said: “We deplore vandalism of any kind, and urge anyone with information about who may have committed these crimes to contact the police.

“We regularly hold meetings with beach hut associations in Tendring, and preventing crime is a standing agenda item - no doubt we will be discussing this incident in more detail then.”

Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Association has been contacted for further comment.