I BET you don’t hear that very often, but I admit it.

In response to L Bradley’s letter (Standard, June 28) in which was a criticism of comments I made about the proposed chalet development in Low Road.

I made the comments after just arriving home from a gruelling battle through Gatwick with an enthusiastic four-year-old in tow and the reporter caught me on the hop when I hadn’t really got all the facts after being away for 14 days.

As soon as I read the whole planning application I changed my mind, especially after reading the e-mails I had from worried residents.

I became very much against the development and spoke against it at the Harwich Town Council planning committee meeting a few days later when councillors unanimously voted to oppose it.

I also sent e-mails explain the situation to those residents who kindly contacted me.

Next time I will make sure I have all the facts when asked to comment on anything.

Councillor David Smith,

Manor Road, Dovercourt.