Say no to new building plans off Low Road, Dovercourt, for another chalet park and pub, restaurant, takeaway food, mini market etc.

Why would you want to keep building in this area. There are no doctors or enough police already.

The area is marked as a flood plain.

The traffic in Low Road is already a danger with many speeding vehicles.

The 300 houses recently built will cause further traffic problems and now with the added prospect of maybe 200 chalets, this will greatly increase the problem.

Another issue is the public amenities (in Wicks Lane), it is inadequate for the local people that use it now.

The noise pollution of the traffic is bad now. This will only increase causing many residents in the Low Road area stress.

Lots of people moved here for the peace and quiet for their retirement and are very upset at the prospect of added noise which would also be from the addition of a public house etc.

Please leave some open space for the birds and wildlife, for us all to enjoy.

Jan Boxall

Musgrave Close, Dovercourt