A GRIEVING daughter feels she can't put flowers on her mum's grave as she fears it will be targeted by vandals again.

Siân Foster discovered her mum Hazel Foster's headstone has been "destroyed" by yobs at St Michael's Church, in Ramsey, overnight on Wednesday, July 3.

Graves at the churchyard were targeted three times during the week, with between six and 12 being vandalised.

Siân, from Ramsey, said July 22 marks a year since her mum died of cancer and is scared to "make it beautiful" in case it is targeted again.

The 41-year-old said: "I spent the last of her days by her side and watched helplessly every day as she lost her life to cancer.

"She was the most selfless woman I have ever known and nothing was ever too much for her.

"She was full of life - hitting the gym at almost 70 to keep fit - and the most amazing mum and nan you could ever have asked for.

"She was and is loved and missed by so many people, no one more so than me."

Siân said she has post traumatic stress disorder, depression and flashbacks from her mum's death, and the vandalism has set her back even further.

She added: "I tend to her grave and keep it beautiful because that is what she was and all I can now do for her.

"I was completely crushed when I saw the damage done to her grave.

"My heart goes out to those who have had this happen to them and I hope they recover from the heartache it has caused soon."