SCORES of talented ballroom dancers graced a stage with their presence to perform two sell-out shows in Dovercourt.

Chloe Carman, 21, who runs Ballroom Business, in Dovercourt, held the company’s annual spectacular at Kingsway Hall in Kingsway, Dovercourt.

Nearly 100 of Chloe’s students performed in the show, named Family, across two days.

The show was named in honour the strong friendships and family support behind Ballroom Business.

Chloe said: “I am incredibly proud of all my students, the show this year was the best yet.

“I challenged them all more than ever this year with the toughest choreography and routines.

“I know and believed they could pull it off and they never let me down.

“Our school and family grows bigger and stronger every year and it’s amazing to see how hard the students work and how much it means to them all.

“They absolutely love it and as soon as it’s over, they’re wanting to do it all again.

“I’m so proud of everyone of them.”

This is the third year Ballroom Business has held an annual show for audiences.

Chloe added: “This year, the show was extra special and was dedicated to my grandad.

“Next year’s show is already in the planning and with new students booked to enrol this summer, we expect it to be even bigger.”