MEMBERS of the Manningtree and Frankenberg Partnership Association visited Frankenberg to celebrate the 775th anniversary of the town receiving its official charter.

The visit to the German town was held between July 12 and 14.

To celebrate the event, the whole town was invited to take part in a range of musical, dramatic and historical activities.

Denis Baldry, chairman of the Manningtree Association, said the weekend had been both enjoyable and successful.

He said: “Frankenberg is a town that understands the importance of people and their cultures and you both feel and appreciate the pride of the locals as you stroll through their town.”

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the singing of the charter of partnership between Manningtree and Frankenberg.

It will be celebrated in Frankenberg.

Denis added: “In 2021 the communities of Manningtree will play host to the people of Frankenberg as we look forward to our continuing friendships.”

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