UNCOLLECTED rubbish bags left in a residential street have turned into a mound of flytipping mess.

Homes in Clayton Road, Ramsey were given new Tendring Council wheelie bins with their first collection in the new fortnightly collection scheme to begin on July 25.

But one household put out black bin bags rather than using the new wheelie bin provided, which were left behind by refuse collectors Veolia with red stickers saying "no side waste".

The black bags have since been left in the street and other rubbish has been added to the pile since including children's toys and unwanted furniture.

Nearby resident John Brown, said: "There is more and more and more rubbish being added.

"There is a huge heap there now.

"I contacted the parish council, the district councillor for the area and environment portfolio holder for Tendring Council Michael Talbot but he hasn't replied.

"It's been a fortnight now, it's disgraceful.

"I'm getting fed up, it's such a mess."

On Monday someone rifled through the mounting pile of rubbish to pick out metal but also split open some of the black bags - some of which include food waste.

Mr Brown added: "I'm really annoyed, the bin lorry was there - it would have been easy to just pick the bags up and they could have left a sticker on the residents' gate.

"And I'm really annoyed with Tendring Council, there are complaints all over Harwich with the amount of rubbish being left behind, including the recycling we are asked to do.

"It's not acceptable the mess being left behind." Mr Brown said spot checks should be made across Tendring after rubbish collections to make sure the streets are being left in a clean and tidy state.