A SCEPTICAL councillor insisted climate change remains a theory yet to be proved as Tendring Council prepared to brand the situation facing the planet an “emergency”.

Councillors voted to declare a “climate emergency” at a meeting on Tuesday after a motion put forward by council leader Neil Stock.

But Anne Davis urged her fellow councillors to “focus on what we can do” in the district to help the environment.

She said: “Once we start talking about climate change, we need to remember there are two sides to this debate. In fact climate change is a theory. It has yet to be proved.”

She said the motion was a worthy one to address plastic pollution and environmental damage in the district, but Tendring could make little difference on the world stage.

The motion commits the council to preparing an action plan, with the aim of making its activities carbon neutral by 2030. It has set aside £150,000 to pay for specialist advice.

Mr Stock said: “We need to lead the way to protect Tendring for future generations.”