Here we go once more.

Having complained to Tendring Council about the overgrown state of the pedestrian lanes, I received a swift response stating they would deal with it.

And so they did.

Weed-killer was sprayed within days.

Unfortunately the quality of the product they used seems to be rather inadequate (likely to be watered down for health and safety reasons) and several weeks later I wrote again informing them that the situation hadn’t changed and that there was now also evidence of fly-tipping.

Again they responded this time saying that Tendring Council’s responsibility ended by applying weed-killer once a year.

Thereafter the clearing up was down to Essex County Council.

Unfortunately there is a clause in the message that prevents me from copying its content to the newspaper.

I suppose I should be grateful that I got a response, but so far nothing practical has been done.

My question is why is it necessary to share the upkeep of the same footpaths between the Tendring Council and the Essex County Council?

Talking about complicating matters for no good reason or is it done deliberately so they can send people from pillar to post.

As I wrote earlier in the month the cleanliness and look of our town is degrading by the day yet the councils always seem to find plenty of money for less urgent things.

I compare all these so-called enhancements and improvements to putting a dollop of cream and a strawberry on top of a lump of dog poo. It’s still dog poo!

Again I urge all councillors of the different councils to start prioritising the needs and use our money wisely.

Ronald Daelman

Wick Lane, Dovercourt