FAMILIES took a trip to the beach for a treasure hunt with a twist.

B-Wild Adventures organised the event on Tuesday along Dovercourt beach in what could be the first of a regular chance to help clean up the environment.

Youngsters were given a treasure list of items to collect, which were all discarded rubbish washed up on to the beach.

Christina Parmenter, who runs B-Wild Adventures in Little Oakley, said: “We organised a family beach clean hoping to get some local families to come and make it a fun activity as well as something so important at the same time.

“We chose a section of the beach where the tide comes all the way in so that we knew we were collecting items that had been washed up and that by us gathering these they would not make their way back into our beautiful oceans.

“We set a treasure hunt and the families worked in groups to collect as much as they could including items on their treasure hunt.”

The treasure lists included items such as something bumpy, something sharp and something crinkly in a bid to remove discarded rubbish from the sand.

Those who took part are set to receive vouchers for their efforts.

Christina added: “We are hoping to do this regularly on different parts of the beach.

“We love to recycle and re-use and make sure that most of our activities use recycled, repurposed or natural materials.

“We are only making a small difference but incorporating a regular family beach clean has the potential to spread our passion to our generation and the next.”

To see BWild Adventures’ events, visit their Facebook page.