A SHOPKEEPER has been left shaken up after his store was hit by thieves a number of times in a week.

Police are investigating several thefts between July 27 and August 1 at the post office in Market Street, Harwich.

Nirosh Fernando, the post office owner, said thieves have been coming into his store with pushchairs and filling them with alcohol and groceries.

During a week thugs stole about £70 worth of items, he claims.

Mr Fernando has viewed the store’s CCTV footage to see how the items were taken.

The 51-year-old said: “The thieves have been coming into the store with children stealing items.

“On Thursday they came in with a buggy and pulled out all the beer and put it into the pram.

“They are taking both alcohol and groceries and are putting them into prams and leaving the shop.

“They must be professional thieves.”

He said the thieves are stealing about £10 worth of products at a time.

This is not the first time Mr Fernando has been left distressed by criminal activity at his store.

In 2017, a brave passer-by tackled a robber to the ground after a raid on the post office.

A second Good Samaritan then weighed in to make sure the man was restrained on the pavement.

Mr Fernando and his wife were left so upset following the robbery, they thought about giving up running the shop.

He said: “All of this stress is hard to deal with.

“We had a robbery a little while ago and we can’t run our shop like this.

“We might be able to prevent more thefts from happening if the police are able to attend the incidents straight away.”

Inquiries with Essex Police are ongoing.