I have always found it difficult to judge the activities of the Harwich Town Council since the dissolution of the borough council in 1973, and the administrative powers passed to Tendring Council.

Among the few concessions left with the local council was management of the six allotment sites in the peninsula having been operating control since.

My personal involvement was initially with all the allotments and assisting the council, in later years I have worked only with the Boatswains Call site where my personal interest lies.

Recent years have seen a distinct fall off in the council’s administration sub-committees interest, and adverse decisions have been taken from a lack of knowledge, which have been detrimental to the sites progress.

Can we have an ombudsman to resolve the problems, or is the district council the first port of call?

Incidentally the Dovercourt town centre plans would appear to justify public involvement and not “rubber stamping”.

E J Heath

Manor Road, Dovercourt