JB Priestley once said: “Happiness is a hot bath, cup of tea and a cigar, knowing you live in a safe and proud community.”

What he would have made of a Brexit voting town I cannot psychologically begin to process?

Why voters in these blighted areas believe Brexit will change their lives is unclear to me.

This is because change starts with self and one’s own actions.

An environmental collective, statutory laws, and an influential clump of green MPs is my main focus for remaining in the European Union.

Because without recognition of one’s community, what use is a vote anyway?

Harwich and Clacton are among the worst areas for recycling.

They both have much to offer with hard working business people providing jobs, and creative minds trying to fill the void left by Tory vandals, under the name of austerity.

No austerity now, I notice, as they spend wildly on social air-bags to soften the crash of an European Union exit.

We are all the environment, so stop trashing it, and making yourselves pathetic.

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt