The Brexit road show is coming to a town near you, as in days of yore there would be a circus coming to town full of stunning tricks, bewildered animals and clowns.

Maybe the motive of wanting to hear what the folk of the shires and counties are thinking is a good idea, but when reading the advert in the Standard, August 17, why predicate the show by finger pointing at London?

Since the referendum it now seems acceptable to demonise anyone or any group of people who may disagree with one.

Nowadays, one hears of the London elite trying the thwart the so called ‘will of the people’.

This ‘will’ apparently has special powers of being undeniably right and unquestionable.

So as the theory goes this elite gather at posh diner parties and the ballet in order to plot to downfall of the ‘will’.

Truth is, many Londoners are just hard working folk trying to make the bills, there are no fine wines and cigars in sight.

While grand wealth is on display in London, so is severe deprivation.

Therefore, on the flip side of elite are those Londoners who find themselves displaced to the North Sea and can find making a home in a new community difficult.

It does not need the Brexit Party to highlight that many contributors to the Standard letters, have been pointing out for years about the forgotten and under invested town of Harwich.

As I write the streets are just as dilapidated as decades ago but now we regularly wade in even more rubbish.

Perhaps the Brexit Party might wish to be inclusive and listen all the people.

However, I wonder if people who voted remain and who could attend this Brexit road show would have a hearing, or be subjected to a barrage of the evils of Europe.

Sadly I suspect the promise (perhaps well meaning) of loads of Brexit Party our cash will simply disguise an agenda of “us and them” but if the party wants a mission then tackle the social shame of all the homeless who wander our towns.

Mind you no-one really knows if the now much cherished ‘No Deal’ mantra will make this situation even worse, it really does feel like a circus.

Marcus Needham

Garland Road, Parkeston