A FOODBANK will be operating as a drop-off point for donations to help the homeless community.

Volunteers from Harwich Foodbank, in Iconsfield Park, Dovercourt, are asking residents to donate any unused tents or sleeping bags at their base in Morrison’s car park.

Fern Jones, a volunteer from the Piecing Community Together (PCT) Hub, said she’s collected two food parcels for the homeless.

She said: “Kind residents have dropped off camping equipment and other essentials.”

The PCT hub is a voluntary group which raises awareness and tries to help those in need.

Fern, 41, said the hub is aware of the seven to ten people living in tents, and are noticing more and more sofa surfers are asking for help.

She added: “People should know homelessness is right here, in Harwich.

“We have many lovely people in this town, but so many are oblivious to the struggling situation faced by many.

“The PCT hub is run by Tony Francis.

“Tony is helping them and provided the couple on West End Beach with a tent.

“We have a few more homeless in tents that I haven’t visited yet, but I will.

“The foodbank has kindly offered to help with donations to the people who need and want it.

“But apart from local Good Samaritans, me, Tony and the foodbank, no-one else is helping them.”

To find out more about the food bank visit the Harwich Foodbank Facebook page.