It needed someone with guts like Maria Fowler to speak about the absolute fiasco Michael Talbot has made of the new rubbish collection dates and bins not being delivered. 

He should most certainly explain himself to the council in an open meeting with the public.

How has he managed to make such a muck of such a simple job?

He was obviously voted into the position he holds and must remember, he is a public servant and he must not get delusions of grandeur.

Yes, he does have to explain why his plan has gone so wrong.

We at Minerva Close, Harwich, still do not have our bins.

Even though we do not have bins, I spent over half an hour trying to get through to the waste department to find out what is going on - only to be asked if I had reported the fact that we not have bins, to which the answer was yes.

To which I got a stuttered I will, we will, I will.

When I said what are you going to do, I was told if you are going to be rude I will cut the call off.

After being put on hold, I was told that an order would be put in for the bins but we would not be getting a collection.

So you see Mr Talbot, this is why you have to explain to the public how you have made such a muck of this and why you should keep your job.

Joan Cooper
Minerva Close, Harwich