Carlo Guglielmi, Standard September 20, says he is “sick and tired” over the debate on our libraries.

Mr Guglielmi is clearly not a reader, as he states that: “I used to use it (Manningtree Library) when my children were young.”

He claims that other issues are more important, including education. So what are libraries for Mr Guglielmi?

What’s more, he even brands some campaigners trying to save our libraries as “left-wing extremists”.

This is his idea of justice for the community then.

All my life, libraries have been a source of inspiration and knowledge, and an important lifeline for me.

I’d like to point out to Mr Guglielmi that the council is here to serve the community, and the community infrastructure such as libraries, playing fields etc are not business commodities; they belong to the community.

I’m aware of government cuts, but also aware of the high wages within Tendring Council’s arrogant hierarchy.

Money is wasted on all sorts of nonsense, including the small metal matchstick “Mayflower” on the roundabout at the retail park, a triumph of basic engineering, if not art.

Also Mr Guglielmi’s multi-million pound investment in the empty Marks and Spencer building in Clacton.

The money for this useless investment could have supported our libraries for some considerable time.

Mr Guglielmi’s comments are a disgrace and he does not deserve to represent his community.

Marguerite Kramer

Main Road, Dovercourt