WHY change something which works perfectly well ?

Yes, I am talking about bringing Rylan in to present It Takes Two alongside Zoe Ball.

Except it isn’t alongside, it appears they are taking it in turns.

I’m not taken in by the adding on of 15 minutes and, it seems, a brief turn on the main BBC channel to ease us in.

It just isn’t the same.

And I actually have no problem with Rylan at all, he is very amusing and obviously works hard. Very hard.

Many years ago he tried out for the chance to be Katie Price/Jordans BFF and was a runner-up, then there was a memorable stint on X-Factor (who can forget his reaction to being taken through to the live shows.)

Since then he has basically set about taking over the presenting world.

His beautifully straight teeth and perfectly coiffured hair have graced the screens of most self-respecting reality spin-off shows.

The very star machine which gave him his biggest break, Big Brother, lending his dulcet tones to the coverage of the Eurovision semi-finals, of course, and now Strictly...by way of reviving ‘90s student fave Supermarket Sweep for which he is currently on ITV2 every single night.

So, if you are not keen on Rylan but you do like watching popular shows, you may find yourself in a quandary.

Are there no other charismatic types able to foot the bill these days ?

Seemingly not, and if you happen to want to even out the gender situation when hiring a presenter you go to Emma Willis.

At a lose end after Big Brother went for a lie down, I have no doubt it will return at some point, the luminous Emma also needed a bit of a break from helping bring life into the world so they have brought her in, naturally, as the new host for the Circle.

If this has passed you by then essentially it is Big Brother, but for the social media age.

The contestants do not ever meet each other, merely converse via a social network called, yes, the Circle.

As with many of these reality shows, it all sounds quite banal but is irritatingly addictive.

From the off, whoever is playing makes a decision as to whether they will tell the truth, slightly stretch it or go all out catfish.

This is where you do not present as yourself at all.

For example, one of the women is playing as her 20 something son.

Also in the building, because they are all in a plush building with their own very stylish looking apartments, is Richard Madeley.

He turned up with a guitar he does not appear to be able to play and no expectation of winning - just to stir things up a bit by pretending to be a 27-year-old woman called Judy. Get it ?

He, as Judy, chose to send gifts to three other players.

Zoe Ball and fat Boy Slim’s son, Woody, seemed somewhat confused with his doughnut tree.

He doesn’t look like he eats many of those but he does look exactly like his uber famous dad.

How has no-one made this connection, even in passing ?

obviously, he could be a bald, middle-aged chap, pretending to be Woody Fat Boy Slim, but it would still be an observation I would make. Even from a profile pic.

Particularly if I was of this group of people who surely are in the know when it comes to celeb types.

Still, I was heartened to see one ofplayers tackling a puzzle - which he sadly didn’t manage to finish before being blocked.