SCARY costumes, “big heads” and satirically decorated floats will be parading through the streets of Harwich and Dovercourt for the return an ever popular carnival.

Organisers are busy with final preparations for this year’s Guy Carnival, which is taking place on Saturday, October 26.

The carnival, which is celebrating its 165 anniversary this year, started in 1854 when workers at the Royal Naval Shipyard decided to commemorate their work by holding a public demonstration.

Nowadays, the carnival is full of witty slogans, also known as “pithy pars”, and the aim is to poke fun at at big issues in the town, as well as having fancy and spooky costumes and music.

Andy Fern, from the Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary Club, who is helping organise the event, said: “We are always overwhelmed by the amount of people who come out in all weathers to line the streets for the Guy Carnival.

“We raised over £3,000 for local charities last year and hope this year’s event will be as big as ever.

“There will be a selfie competition, where people can win prizes of £5, £10 and £20 for the best three.

“All you need to do is to take a selfie with the carnival in the background, it can be with the big heads, the torches or with a float appearing.”

Rodney Parmencer, from the Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary Club, said: “It is time once again for that long running Harwich tradition, the Guy Carnival.

“Each year many people attend the procession, waiting anxiously to see what the local wits have managed to ‘guy’ about, or to update the phrase, take the mickey out of.

“Make no mistake, there will be topical events to put a local slant on, or possibly a national one, who knows, maybe even Brexit.”

Today, the event is organised by the Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary Club, raising money for a variety of different causes.

The extravagantly decorated floats will assemble in Dovercourt from 6pm, ready to make their way sharply at 6.30pm from the top of Ainger Road to West Street, in Harwich.

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