PLANS to park lorries and trailers near a listed building have sparked concerns.

Carlo Guglielmi, district councillor for Mistley, said he has “major concerns” about a planning application for an operating centre for four goods vehicles and two trailers in the Mistley quayside area. Mr Guglielmi said the plans, by Balcas Timber Ltd, do not state where the vehicles would be parked or how long they would be parked for.

In an objection lodged to the applicant, Mr Guglielmi said he is also worried about the impact on the Mistley Towers, which are adjacent to the site.

He said: “Mistley Towers are listed at Grade I placing them within approximately the top 2 per cent of listed buildings in the country.

“The towers are also a scheduled ancient monument and make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Mistley and Manningtree conservation area.

“There will be increased noise, as vehicles moving in an out of the operating centre will impact on the amenities of those residents who live there.”

Mr Guglielmi also raised concerns over additional pollution from the vehicles and extra congestion.

He added: “There is often congestion of lorries waiting to get access to the weighbridge either on the quay or at the junction of the quay, the Towers and New Road, this often impacts on local traffic.”

The Mistley Towers are the twin towers of the now demolished Church of St Mary the Virgin and were designed in 1776 by the renowned architect Robert Adam at both the east and west ends of the church.

They are now all which remains.

A Balcas spokesman said: “This application for parking is purely logistical and does not involve any planned increase in the volume of vehicle traffic in and out of Mistley Quay.

“Further information in relation to the application has been provided to the office of the Traffic Commissioner.”