A high volume of complaints have come in from angry, frustrated and confused residents about the ongoing A120 roadworks.

The issue is not the fact Highways England is repairing and resurfacing a stretch of the Wix bypass, which is causing major disruptions on diversion routes, but that the repair work is simply not enough.

Some people have been campaigning for years to have the A120 dualled or made fit for purpose.

As the historic town is also a port town, this attracts many foreign lorries and the A120 is the only dual carriageway they can use, but it shouldn’t be this way.

There should be wider roads, and more routes in and around a town as important to trading as Harwich.

Traffic is increasing and we see more and more trucks using this road, so this leads to its potholes and general worn out state.

What will happen if, after Brexit even more trucks will be coming into the port, driving on a daily basis on the same road?

Some councillors believe Harwich is prepared for a deal or no-deal Brexit, but the infrastructure clearly isn’t.

Repairing patches of a major and important road is not good enough.