BEERS from all around the globe will be served to punters during a 12-day real ale festival in Dovercourt.

The Bottle Kiln will be serving 25 beers during the festival, which runs from Wednesday, October 9 to Sunday, October 20.

The festival celebrates Wetherspoon’s 40th anniversary and the pub will offer a selection of beers brewed specially for the occasion.

The pub will also serve beers flavoured with grapefruit and cherry, as well as coffee.

Customers will be able to sample any three of the real ales in special third-of-a-pint glasses for the price of a pint.

The pub’s manager, Peter Campbell, said: “We will be serving a superb range of beers from the UK and overseas.

“It is a great opportunity for real ale enthusiasts to enjoy an excellent selection of beers, including many that have been brewed specially for the festival.”

Tasting notes on all of the beers will be available in the pub.

The pub will have a limited edition 40th anniversary pint glass for sale for £1 on a first come first served basis.

The beers brewed to mark the anniversary include, JD Boss Hogg, Ruby Abbot, 3B, 40 Years and Punk is Dead.

The JD is a reference to JD Hogg from the TV programme, The Dukes of Hazzard, where the JD in JD Wetherspoon came from.

The overseas beers include ales from Australia, Italy and Guam.