A NUMBER of historic landmarks in Harwich have been added to the 2019 Heritage at Risk Register.

Historic England has announced the historic sites most at risk of being lost in the east of England which have been published on the register.

The register provides an annual snapshot of the critical health of England’s most valued historic places and those most at risk of being lost.

This year, the Dovercourt Lighthouses and Causeway have been added to the register.

An Historic England spokesman said: “They mark a milestone in the history of lighthouse design and in the sequence of navigational aids developed for this deep water harbour.”

The Electric Palace Cinema, in Harwich, is also now on the list.

He added: “The Electric Palace is one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas to survive complete with the screen which showed silent movies, original projection room, ornate fibrous plaster ceiling and ornamental frontage still relatively intact.”

The Harwich Treadwheel Crane was the third item to be added to the register.

It is believed to be the earliest surviving example of this type of structure in England.

It is now the sole visible element of the 17th-century naval dockyards which developed as a supply base during the Spanish and French Wars of the 15th and 16th centuries.

The crane is thought to have been built in 1667 on the orders of the Duke of York.

In total there are 391 entries on the region’s 2019 Heritage at Risk Register.