Can our wonderful MP really be trusted to act on any issues that may arise from his constituents that he is supposed to represent?

Having once had the displeasure of listening to him on the panel of the BBC’s Question Time and coming across as one of the most arrogant people ever to appear on the programme, I have now listened to him again on ITV’s Peston programme.

Being a member of the conservative hard right he has twice voted against Theresa May’s withdrawal bill, but is now saying he will vote for Johnson’s deal despite agreeing it is a worse deal than the previous two.

It appears to be a statement that has nothing at all to do with the future of the country but all about the future of the Conservative Party.

How on earth can you agree with something you disagree with?

These kind of remarks not just from him but several others like him show they are only interested in the party they stand for and not the people and are certainly not to be trusted.

Ray Osborne