PICASSOS in the making had their artwork displayed in a special exhibition.

Harwich and Dovercourt High School’s art faculty held the show to celebrate the work of their previous Year 11s.

The exhibition, called Scapes, was for parents, students and staff to enjoy.

Last year’s art results saw a great rise in the number of students achieving top grades, with 27 per cent receiving a level 7-9.

Thorough the course students developed their ability to refine ideas and work with numerous different techniques and processes.

The department’s strategy of trying to explore and personalise learning based on student’s strengths, saw diverse outcomes such as drawings, paintings, mixed media, photography and linocutting.

Several students went on to develop their passion for art further through A Level and BTEC courses.

The exam board said students of all abilities were given access to a wide range of materials and experiences including animation, which took place alongside artist in residence.

Louise Craigie, director of the arts and innovation faculty, said: “This particular cohort of students’ work was almost A-level quality and beyond.

“To exhibit high quality diverse artwork the students are proud of, is invaluable and at the heart of everything we do.”

Kate Finch, headteacher, said: “The quality of work produced by students was truly gallery-style.

“It was great to speak to the students about their work and about what they are studying in Year 12 and how their art has contributed to this.”

Rosie Good, head of the art department, said: “We will continue to use this work to as exemplar material to inspire our current students, as well as showcase some truly fantastic work.”