DOMESTIC violence and anti-social behaviour incidents being investigated by police have decreased compared to the previous month, it has been revealed.

Essex Police has released its latest statistics on the amount of crime investigated, attended and solved in Tendring during September.

Domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour incidents remain to be the most investigated crimes, but the number is lower than in August.

In September, a total of 377 domestic abuse incidents were investigated, which was a decrease of 18 per cent from August, where a total of 460 incidents were looked at.

In the same time, 278 anti-social behaviour incidents were investigated with a decrease of 27 per cent compared to August’s 382 incidents.

During September officers were called to 126 mental health incidents, 71 missing people reports were investigated, and officers attended 40 road traffic collisions.

Also a total of 726 intelligence reports were submitted and 154 crimes were solved in September.

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