With reference to Mr Michaels’ letter (Standard, October 25).

In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty, which created the European Union, defined a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), which included the long-term definition of an “eventual framing of a common defence policy, which might in time lead to a common defence”.

If we have learned anything about the development of the EU since 1972, it is that everything we were told would not happen has either happened or been attempted.

Every alarming claim made by opponents of the EU that was treated with contempt by pro-EU spokesmen has eventually been confirmed.

The Robert Schuman Foundation also says European defence awareness has been slow in developing and goes on to say in the same paragraph that EU member states Latvia, Lithuania and even supposedly neutral Sweden have recently reintroduced conscription, the key word here is “developing”.

The implication is that as EU defence policy “develops”, conscription will be introduced throughout the EU, including the UK.

The words “harmonisation” and “level playing field” spring to mind.

Stephen Dixon

King’s Head Street, Harwich