POLICE cadets are helping regenerate a historic building following constructional concerns.

Harwich Volunteer Police Cadets have started working on a two to three-year regeneration scheme for Orwell Terrace, in Dovercourt.

The project comes 25 years after the seaward end of the building collapsed.

The historic building was built by John Bagshaw in the late 1850s as part of his grand vision for Harwich.

But he eventually went bankrupt and died in 1861.

The Orwell Terrace Regeneration project is structured as an educational exercise for the cadets, designed to benefit the community and sustain the town’s heritage.

They have been carrying out social survey interviews with tenants and interested people with the support of the Station Café’s staff.

Through this they learned more about the visions of residents of Orwell Terrace.

Mitchel Cooper, 17, said he has enjoyed the experience.

He said: “I interviewed a man who ruined his life through drinking. He’d been a millionaire. His story was amazing, how he had become homeless and is now so grateful to have a flat in Orwell Terrace.”

Mitchel said he would like to see more people joining in with the Orwell Terrace community.

He added: “I didn’t realise how serious the situation was until I went there.

“There is no reason why this won’t completely change.”

Last Saturday, cadets came together once again to help the Orwell Terrace community by clearing a flat which had fallen into mismanagement.

The residents, volunteers from Piecing Community Together Hub and Essex County Council have helped the cadets with their work.

The cadets have also been working on creating a model ornamental garden, which beforehand was nothing less than a rubbish tip at the terrace.

Residents have worked alongside the cadets to make this happen, so the garden is nearly complete.

Harvey Harris, a 15-year-old cadet, has taken a significant part in the regeneration and another one-off project where he secured and displayed high tech anti-dog fouling posters along Dovercourt Seafront.

He said: “The place is much better than it was. With more of the community getting involved, the whole of Orwell Terrace will change.”

Sarah Latchford, a cadet leader, said: “‘We all should look after each other.

“We all have a responsibility when there is a need to improve communities.

“This project is an example for the whole town.”

Sarah Roberts, another leader, said: “These cadets, by engaging with the community, are bringing a much-needed community spirit which can be reproduced across this town.”

Tony Francis, Piecing Community Together Hub founder and cadet leader, said: “The cadets are showing a community which can be achieved when we co-operate.”

He added: “I am delighted that significant partnerships are developing. This beautiful Grade II listed building is being regenerated and the people who live there are beginning to regenerate themselves collectively.”