SAUSAGE slingers and award-winning butchers were put to test at the return of annual festival.

Hundreds of people went to the Harwich Sausage Festival for the banger throwing and tasting competition.

Richard Oxborrow, a member of the sausage sub-committee, said: “The event went really well. It was a stormy day, so the throwing competition was quite interesting.

“Our sausage throwing champion, Todd Rothwell, throwing for the Alma Inn, had a massive first throw of 171ft, which is the new Harwich sausage throwing record.”

Todd has become the throwing champion for the third year in a row, as last year he threw one of 152ft and six inches, while in 2017 he set the previous record of 157ft.

George Webb, from Ramsey Master Butchers, came second with his first throw of 152ft.

Mr Oxborrow said: “This is a really good throw for a youngster.

“It was a scatty day but a lot of people, more than 100 visitors, turned up and it has been a good atmosphere.

“We’d like to say a big thank you for the butchers who all contributed free sausages to the festival.”

Becky’s Butchers, in Great Bromley, came first in the butchers’ class and was an overall winner with its pork and leek sausage, while Alma Inn won the Innovation class with its cheese and onion sausage.