A PARLIAMENTARY hopeful with “local politics in his blood” is vying to be an MP at the next general election.

Manningtree resident Richard Browning-Smith is running independently for the parliamentary seat of Harwich and North Essex.

However, he has declared he will promise nothing to his electorate as he would rather make no pledges than lie to his constituents.

The 65-year-old said: “My manifesto is that I will promise nothing to my electorate.

“So I am open to any of my constituents asking me about their issues so I can help them.

“I don’t want to lie to people, so I won’t promise them anything.”

Mr Browning-Smith has however said there are issues within the constituency which need to be tackled.

He believes Harwich needs to be rejuvenated so the young residents have places to enjoy.

He also thinks Manningtree needs a greater police presence, and said the lack of infrastructure across Harwich and Manningtree is a problem.

Mr Browning-Smith said one of the main reasons he wants to run for MP is because local politics is in his blood.

He said his great-great grandfather was a bailiff in Colchester, his father’s cousin Roger Browning was Mayor of Colchester and his godfather John Gordon Bensusan-Butt was a county councillor and historian.

Mr Browning-Smith, who has spoken openly about his bipolar disorder, also wants to be an MP as he is eager to leave the European Union.

He said: “I think the current politicians are just making a hash out of Brexit and they are taking years to leave.

“The sooner we leave the better. I think the EU will collapse when we leave and we can’t work with the EU - it’s just dragging us down.”

The other Harwich and North Essex candidates known to be running for the parliamentary seat include former MP Sir Bernard Jenkin (Con), Mike Beckett (Lib Dem) and Stephen Rice (Lab).