Before the referendum, I checked to see who wanted to remain.

It wasn’t just the businesses and unions who wanted to stay.

The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the wildlife trusts, the RSPB, the National Farmers’ Union; they all said we should stay.

Notable TV naturalists David Attenborough and Chris Packham had also come out against Brexit.

Their concern for the environment is paramount and so for them, that meant remaining in the EU.

As an aside, guess who openly questions the science behind climate change?

That’s right - leader of the Brexit Party Ltd, Nigel Farage.

And which world leader recently pulled out of the Paris Agreement on climate change? Friend to both Boris Johnson and Mr Farage, Donald Trump.

I could go on about EU legislation that would ban single-use plastics and how it is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, something this country might choose to ignore in its attempts to win trade elsewhere.

The EU has problems and does need to reform, but, to me, Westminster seems much more broken and the Brexit deals on offer now aren’t what the Leave campaign promised in 2016.

They promised us the easiest deal in history and sold it to us as golden.

The “get ready for Brexit” site looks a lot like a lemon, with a further decade of Brexit negotiations to go.

If you have been miss-sold a Brexit that will make you poorer there is something you can do about this.

Vote Lib Dem to stop Brexit and then we can focus on a brighter future.

The best way to save the planet is to work together in the EU.

Michael Beckett

Liberal Democrat candidate for Harwich and North Essex

Also standing are Bernard Jenkin (Con), Stephen Rice (Lab), Richard Browning-Smith (Ind), Tony Francis (Ind) and Peter Banks (Green)