As we teach children before crossing the road, “look left, look right”’ in case the big bad Brexit bus arrives recklessly driven and devoid of destination.

I refer to Stephen Dixon and his missile missive (Letters, November 1) aimed at discrediting the European Union.

The Robert Schiman foundation he quotes from is a notorious ultra right wing rant box, devoid of balance, rather like the Sun, or the Daily Mail, and what an intoxicating axis they are, offering the form of the three unwise monkeys: Trump, Farage, and Johnson.

Why is it these artful dodgers of facts and intellect just cannot bring themselves to admit that this Conservative rule is to blame for the state of the country. They have been playing hokey cokey in and out of Europe since 1974, which is no way for a government to behave in service to the people.

History being a collection of epitaphs, will not look kindly on Brexit, which has now become nothing more than gossip well told.

I always thought diagnosis precedes treatment, but not when it comes to national zealots.

Brexiteers should learn to relax more. They will get their way of leaving, but they will also get the blame and the fury when it goes wrong and impacts medicines etc.

The EU has behaved with dignity throughout the negotiations, so blaming the foreigner, Mr Dixon, exhibits how shallow your case is.

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt