FITNESS has become a running theme in this week’s edition of the Standard.

Three people from the Dovercourt area are on an exercise mission to get residents fitter and feeling more confident in their own skin.

Charlotte Luck, 27, has been nominated for a sports award by Active Essex for her successful Women’s Only Workouts in Cliff Park, Dovercourt, Bride Marie Stanford, 32, is holding a 12-hour fundraising fitness challenge for charity, and Matt Rozier, 29, has launched a fitness app designed to boost user’s self-esteem.

It’s impressive to see that these three residents, all from different walks of life, are encouraging the community to get in shape, get healthier and get moving more.

After all, your health is so important and learning how to exercise and eat well can improve your lifestyle for the better dramatically.

So whether you want to join a weekly workout class, download an app which works as a gym membership in your pocket, or push yourself into a 12-hour fitness challenge, there are many ways to get fit in the local area.

Maybe more classes will be available in the new year to try.