I WOULD like to reply to letter writers Michael Beckett and Collin Rossini with a small story.

On June 23, 2016, I went to a polling station to vote on the future of Britain’s relationship with the EU.

The next day I found out that the poll was won by those who wanted to leave the EU by over a million votes.

We were then told that we would leave in two years time on June 23, 2018.

End of story.

As this meant it now gave MPs to organise and put in place a deal/no deal scenario, and put in place a whole raft of safe guards as best they could.

Did this happen? No. First of all this must have been a legal vote, as all political parties agreed to the questions.

Just to underline the legality, all political parties agreed to invoke Article 50.

Now, Mr Beckett and the Liberal Party he represents wants to stop Brexit without a vote.

I think that awfully ironic given the only way he will get into Parliament, is by a democratic vote by the public?

Then Mr Rossini is asking for those who voted to leave the EU to relax.

There is a general election coming up where we, the public, are to exercise our democratic right to vote. When this was done at the referendum to leave the EU and two thirds of MPs across all parties decided to go against over 17 million people, do they not have the right to be angry?

Unless I missed something, in the Seventies when the nation voted to go into the EU it was so that the European nations could have a set of trade rules and representatives, which allowed the free movement of goods with little or no hold ups at the borders. We did not start voting for MEPs until 1999 and I don’t remember the British people being asked whether we thought that another tier of Government was needed, that was able to affect not only challenges to our own sovereignty, but that of other EU countries?

When our representatives in Parliament do not listen to the majority of people’s wishes, I believe there are one of two types of Government, and a democratic Government isn’t one of them.

I will also take great interest on any elected MP who refuses to go to Parliament because he wins by one or two votes out of thousands?

A V Holmes

Birch Avenue, Dovercourt