I THANK Stephen Dixon (Letters, November 22) for correcting the impression given of foreigner blame for Brexit differences, and I apologise for anything lost in translation, as football managers are prone to say.

In response to AV Holmes’ letter, in many ways I share the frustrations he expressed; my own interests in the EU are environmental, educational and cultural.

I am against the Euro, and opposed the integration with eastern European nations for reasons now known to all, and I can see how economic and political expansion makes the EU today an un-crossable bridge for many.

I am relaxed about it all because we’ve had the longest period of peace in Europe, and every time I see a war memorial full of death and dying screams, I know that life silences us all eventually, whatever differences we have with politics and the world today.

Like Bob Dylan I believe that labels are for jars, so putting people in leave and remain boxes is somewhat silly, not to mention childish.

Collin Rossini

Main Road,